2021/22 Board of Directors

CAOR Board of Directors

Cambridge Association of Realtors - Val Brooks - President

Current President

Val Brooks

Office Phone: (519) 621-2000
Email: valsold@rogers.com

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On November 24th, 2021 the Cambridge Association of REALTORS® (CAOR) was proud to introduce Val Brooks as the new Association President! This year also marks Val’s twenty-fifth year as a CAOR member and her second term as Association President after previously holding the position in 2010/11.

Val Brooks is proud to say that although she was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, she is a true Canadian at heart after growing up in Canada since the young age of five years old. Throughout her life, Val has moved seventeen times which was one of the many reasons she became interested in the REALTOR® profession. Moving was something Val was accustomed to and she felt inspired to help others experience a smooth process and enjoy their new home while minimizing what many consider a stressful process.

When not occupied tending to clients and promoting new properties in the market, Val continues to give back to her community by connecting and supporting a number of not-for-profit organizations including Community Living Cambridge, the Alzheimer Society Waterloo Wellington, the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, and the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation.

On her spare time, Val’s favourite activity is riding her motorcycle. Val rode a motorcycle for the first time after her fiftieth birthday and has since ridden across both the Canadian east and west coast on multiple occasions as well as parts of the United States. Next year, Val is looking forward to a ride of a lifetime as she will be riding through the Himalayas in support of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation in August 2022.

“Our city is in many ways very historic and possesses a long proud history. The ‘shotgun marriage’ of Preston, Galt, and Hespeler was incorporated in 1973, albeit with some resistance in getting there. However, this change has allowed us to grow substantially into the thriving city we live in today. The Cambridge Association of REALTORS® was rooted in 1953 and has consistently given the support and resources needed to navigate the growing real estate market within the City of Cambridge and surrounding areas/townships. We have so much to be proud of and I am thrilled for our Association to move forward and grow as our city continues to expand.”

Val aims to use her position as CAOR President to continue building strong relationships with members of the public and advocate on behalf of Cambridge REALTORS®. Val has plans to make her vision a reality through increased educational and Member resources, community initiatives, and community partnerships.

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